Advantages of uPVC Windows & Doors

Structurally Strong
And Highly Durable

The expected life span of
uPVC is between 40 and 50
years without any significant
maintenance requirements.


Highly Weather Resistant

uPVC windows are currently
used in extreme weather
conditions of heat (Middle East)
and cold (Russia) as the
preferred material of choice
as it is conducive for all type
of weather conditions.


Non-corrosive and
Termite Resistant

uPVC unlike most metals is
non-corrosive and is not impacted
by moist and damp weather
conditions. uPVC unlike wood
is termite resistant and free
from rotting.


Excellent Sound Insulation

The nature of the material and
the design of the profiles provide
high sound insulation to uPVC
windows and doors
. In addition
the use of proper gaskets and
double glass ensure near
perfect sound insulation.


Enhanced Thermal Insulation

uPVC material by itself has very
high thermal insulation. In addition
most profiles are manufactured
with multiple chambers; these
chambers provide enhanced
thermal insulation.


Environmentally Friendly

  • Uses less energy, 7 times less when compared with aluminum extrusions

  • The material can easily be recycled and reused

  • Excellent thermal insulation ensure savings on energy


    Low Maintenance

    They do not warp, twist,
    contract or expand and
    they are durable & tough.


    Easy Fabrication

    The fabrication of uPVC is relatively easy and requires relatively low investment in machinery. The manpower can be trained in as little as one month.


    Better Alternative

    uPVC combines the beauty
    and warmth of wood with
    the resilience of aluminum.

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